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I would like to start by saying I love the Global Mapper product and the superb support, and I am thankful there is a forum to post new ideas.

We purchased GM mainly for it's batch raster to Google Earth KMZ overlay capabilities. The other aspect of using these overlays is displaying a vector layer of the dataset that references these raster overlays. We have thousands of these overlays, and thus our vector layer requires a fair amount of cusomization and symbolization to make it both cartographically pleasing to look at as well as useful.

For the vector layer we convert GIS SHP layers to KML. In our hunt for the best tool for the job we came across several products, the best of which was one named "Shp2kml" by Zonum. It's a freeware tool, and over time seems to have fallen from support. However, it does have some of the best features I have seen in a SHP to KML tool and would love to see some of it's functionality implemented in a tool that is supported, like GM.

Here are a list of things it does very well, some ideas gleaned from other tools I've seen, along with my other suggestions for a new great SHP to KML tool:

- Roll Over Effect: Allow user to choose highlight color for feature roll over

- Create Polygon Centroid / A centroid for each Polygon using Multigeometry: uses KML Multigeometry syntax to create a point which can be labeled for area features. Extremely useful for both labeling area features and providing a point to mouse over to activate the Roll Over Effect, while maintaining a clean entry in the Side Panel folder structure.
- Added support for Line features would be huge.
- Ability to create centroid with the area feature / on the line feature would be a big plus.

- Sybology: Apply Single Symbol to all features, OR use a Unique Value base on an attibute to create categories of styles (AND create folders for clean grouping in the Side Panel Folder structure), OR a Graduated Value for more advanced statical anaylsis
- For each of these an easy to fully customize the color/size/look of all properties would be ideal
- Symbology contains color palletes to quickly apply a scheme to Unique and Graduated Values

- Balloon Definition: This is rather simplistic. I have seen much better application of customizing the contents of the popup balloon for a feature. The use use of Schema by other applications and the ability to create and save an XML file of said Schema is exceptional. One nice aspect of this tool, however, is applying html tables (borders, rows, different widths and colors) to give the balloon and sharper and more customized look (not just a white background).

Thank you for the time.
If you cannot find this tool for evaluation I would be happy to share a copy.
Please contact me for any additional collaboration/info/resources.

Thank you.


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    A lot of what you listed is already possible. If you check the option to 'Display Labels for Area and Line Features' when doing the vector KML/KMZ export you should get a label added placed at an appropriate place for the feature (like an area centroid).

    There is also support to setup styling for an entire layer on the Area Styles, Line Styles, and Point Styles tabs of the Options dialog for the layer, so you could for example easily setup each point to use the same symbol or setup attribute-based styling.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Thank you very much for the reply. I've revisited this tool and have found it to do most of what we need. There are still a few manual things to do to the KML post conversion to style the way we like (increasing the size of the icon when multigeometry, changing the color it displays when moused over, the color of the icon & label), but the KML output is clean making those changes fairly simple. <3 GM!
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