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I converted few shapefiles to KML format using GM script. When viewd in the Notepad++, the below mentioned tag comes which i dont want. Is there any way through script to remove this tag? If so please help me out here. thank you


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    It is not possible to remove the <altitudeMode> and <extrude> tags altogether, but this is how the related script parameters work, so you can decide what works for you.

    There are three parameters that affect the <altitudeMode> tag. The description below covers the parameters for area features, but there are similar parameters for line and point features. 

    The first parameter is KML_AREA_DISPLAY_ABOVE_TERRAIN. If this is NO, the altitude mode value will be "clampToGround" and all of the other altitude parameters will be ignored. If it is YES, then the value will be determined by the other parameters.
    • KML_AREA_FAKE_HEIGHTS -- if this is YES, the value will be "clampToGround". If it is NO, the value will be determined by the KML_AREA_ELEVS_RELATIVE parameter.
    • KML_AREA_ELEVS_RELATIVE -- if this is YES, the value will be "relativeToGround".
    If none of these conditions are met, the value will be "absolute". Also, if a layer has a specified Altitude Mode (from the Vector Options | Elevations tab), then that will be used instead of any of these script parameter values.

    The KML_AREA_EXTRUDE parameter controls the value of the <extrude> tag. If it is YES, the value will be 1, and extrusion will be indicated. If it is NO, the value will be 0, and there will be no extrusion.

    By default, the value for all of these parameters is NO, and the result will be:


  • Thank you so much for the reply