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  • Combine elevation data

    I struggled to understand the Combine/Compare Terrain function so made this visual guide years ago. Hopefully it will make it easier to understand than their description.

    You can also physically place them on different layers and feather the edges of the uppermost layers to blend the edges seamlessly. Then export out as a new dataset.
  • Intersecting Contour lines

  • Labeling by feature order (Index in Layer)

    Not sure why it isn't available for you. It appears in my list when I use this method:

    1. Double-click the layer
    2. Go to Labels tab
    3. Click on the Use Selected Attribute Value and choose <Index in Layer>
    4. OK

    Also available via Use Custom Format String e.g. My label text with attribute %<Index in Layer>%

    You can also copy the attributes to a new attribute - not sure if this is the same workflow in v14.2 though:

    1. Select Feature with Digitizer
    2. Right-click > Attribute/Style Functions > Calculate/Copy Attributes for Feature Selection
    3. Enter an Attribute Name you want in the first box e.g. Order
    4. Choose <Index in Layer> as the Source Attribute
    5. Leave the Operation as Copy Source Attribute to New Attribute
    6. Claculate

  • Combine terrain - coloring based on change


    Can you share some data so I can show you how to do this? 

    Essentially you can colourise the underlying terrain with your combined terrain that is showing the difference. The key to doing this is via the Options > Display tab for the combined terrain that is sitting on top. On the Display tab choose the Multiple Blend Mode then choose your custom shader via the Shader drop-down and finally turn off the Use Global Enable/Disable Hill Shading Option and Use Hill Shading for this layer. What this does is to turn off the hill shading effect for the layer and to use the shader colours to colourise the existing hill shade used on the underlying terrain.

    Note that the main shader should be Daylight but probably best to change the Background Color for the shader via Configuration (wrench icon) > Shader Options > Surface Color. Personally I'd go for white but you could choose that delicious green from the image above!

    Good luck!

    P.S. I assume you work in a Mining like me judging by the screenshot.
  • Create line segments from polygons using coincident boundary with another polygon? (Lake parcels)

    I tried a workaround with partial success. I converted the parcels to line features first, then created a small buffer from the lake polygon with a 0.1m offset (could be less though). I used this buffer with the Crop command to remove the lines outside the buffer. This leaves just the lines you need but with the 0.2m additional length per line. The only issue was that there were a few lines that were split for some reason.