Add option "Do not save GeoTIFF"

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Is it possible to add an option to NOT embed GeoTIFF information in the generated TIF-files? Useful if you have wrong coordinates on the input file, and already have correct ERS/TWF header files. Should also be available in batch re projection-mode.


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    I suppose an option like that could be added, but I think a better solution is to get the data correctly positioning inside of Global Mapper prior to doing your export, that way you get a full GeoTIFF and have the correct information. If you have a GeoTIFF with wrong positioning information but a correct TFW world file, you can check the advanced option on the General tab of the Configuration dialog to have the positioning information from the TFW file be preferred on load, then load your TIFF file to have it loaded using the TFW file information rather than the embedded GeoTIFF information.

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