Coordinate -and- cell pixel listings

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How can I do that?
This is the scenario:
- Geotiff (lowest layer).
- polygon (upmost layer)
I need to export an .txt (or something else) with the following data:

Number of each polygon vertex, working projection coordinates, cell X, Cell Y.

Cell X= pixel coordinate X of the polygon vertices over the geotiff.
Cell Y= pixel coordinate Y of the polygon vertices over the geotiff.



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    There is not currently a way to do something like that in Global Mapper. You would have to use the Global Mapper SDK to do this programmatically by loading your GeoTIFF and polygon layers, then creating a new file and iterating over each vertex in the polygon and writing out the desired information for each one. You can get more information on the SDK from the Developers page at GLOBAL MAPPER.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    hello Mike
    thanks a lot.
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