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Map zoom changes when opening control center

Boyd Global Mapper UserTrusted User

Not sure if this is a bug or a "feature" 😉 Let's say I use the "zoom to scale" command (shift-Z) and set the map scale to 1:100,000. If I then open the control center in the left pane, the scale changes to 1:109,300. Even worse, it's cumulative. So if I close/open the control center again then the scale changes to 1:119,500. Repeating this 5 times changes the scale to 1:156,200 for example.

I guess this was done to fit the same map coverage into the available space? But it's very annoying since I'm constantly fighting the software just to maintain a constant zoom level as I work. At a minimum, I think the effect of opening/closing the control center shouldn't be cumulative, such that it would just toggle between 1:100,000 and 1:109,300 when opening/closing the control center.


  • bmg_mike
    bmg_mike Global Mapper Guru Moderator, Trusted User

    What is happening is that the aspect ratio of the 2D map has to be maintained. When the 2D map window is resized (like when the Control Center is added or resized), the 2D map bounds are updated to maintain aspect while ensuring that at least everything in the previous bounds still fits.

    This will always have the effect of making the scale at least as large as it was before to ensure the previous bounds still fits while maintaining the aspect ratio. It will not matter whether the Control Center is added or removed, or grown or shrunk, the covered map bounds will always be at least as large as they were before.

    We would need to add an option to change this behavior. You can use Shift+Z to reset the scale to whatever you need, or you could un-dock the Control Center and make it a floating window so that it doesn't affect the 2D view.

  • Boyd
    Boyd Global Mapper User Trusted User

    Thanks, I see your point but don't quite agree. I constantly use shift-Z as a work-around but it would just be nice if the scale would stay the same, I don't really care that less will fit on the screen. There are many use cases where I want to maintain 1:1 pixel mapping when working on a map. For example, when exporting raster imagery, text will be the wrong size relative to other objects if you don't view the map at the correct scale while working.

    Anyway, I'm used to working around the problem in the ways you suggest, so thanks for listening.

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