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How do I export LiDAR intensity rasters?

I would like to create figures using LiDAR intensity values. How do I export these values in raster format?


  • If you are creating figures in Global Mapper, you can just change the lidar display to intensity values and render out your PDF in the map layout editor (This is a photogrammetry derived point cloud with no intensity values, so I'm just using an elevation shader in the example).

    Display options for point cloud layer/layer group:

    The view in the map layout editor (be aware that your DPI setting will affect the display size of the LAS points)

    If you want to export a raster to use in other software, you can change the display of your point cloud to show intensity and then right click on your layer/layer group and export to a raster format (such as Geotiff or JP2000)

    Export dialogue for exporting to "GeoTIFF"

    And the resulting Raster imported back into Global Mapper

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