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GeoTIFF Export Issues

We are having issues exporting to GeoTIFF.  We are using a polygon layer to cover portions of background not covered by our GeoTIFF mosaic, as shown in the screenshots below, to give the appearance of a seamless product.  Whenever we export the selected polygon (covering all loaded data) to GeoTIFF, the output file does not include the polygon coverup layer.  Has anyone else had this issue?  We have tried exporting this Global Mapper coverup layer to KML (and again to GeoTIFF in combination with our GeoTIFF mosaic) but have had no luck.  The seam of background color (and not coverup polygons) persists.

Thanks in advance...


  • Attached are the screenshots mentioned in the post prior...
  • BillB
    BillB Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Just to rule out the most obvious cause: in the GeoTIFF Export dialogue, have you checked 'Save Vector Data if Displayed'?  Otherwise, only raster data will be exported.  Apologies if you already know this.
  • No apologies necessary, I have not checked that setting so I will run another export and see what we get!  I will report back shortly...
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