Profile only 1 DEM displayed

Hi GM experts,
While I was doing some profiles with different DEM displayed, GM suddenly decided to display only 1 DEM. I can switch from one DEM to another, but can't display all of them all at once. I now also have the problem on all other workspaces.
I tried to reload the workspace, apply default settings, no results. 
Any idea?


  • meymeymeymey Posts: 4
    Found!! "Draw Separate Line for Path from Each Terrain Layer" was unticked
  • Hi Meymey,
    Yep, we've all been there! :-)  Its amazing what options are buried in that Path Profile Settings menu and even more options when you right click on the profile itself.
    I often right click and select File/Save csv file which, if you import into Excel and use the chainage (X) and elevation (Y), you can use "Concatenate " command in Excel to insert a comma between X and Y values and create Cartesian coordinates. If you copy and paste them into AutoCAD as a Polyline you then can get a beautiful section in AutoCAD! Hey presto! 
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