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prining image to scale 1: 1000

irenegobranirenegobran Global Mapper UserPosts: 19Trusted User
I want to print an image to scale 1: 1000 ,which means an object of 2m should appear on the paper 2mm ,when I print I find the object size on the paper is 4mm ,is there something which i need to set so that the scale is correct. another question is the scale on the screen correct or the screen resolution change the pixel size?


  • DerrickWDerrickW Posts: 47
    Are you using the map layout editor?  What projection are you in? 

    When I need to print to an accurate scale, I use the map layout editor to set up my page and define the map window scale, then export to geospatial PDF and make sure to print the PDF at "Actual Size" in the print dialogue. 
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