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Create elevation grid - Smooth result possible?


I'm using Shape files to create an elevation grid. The result I get consists of "polygons" with hard edges. Is it possible to smooth this out in any way to get a more smooth surface? See example images. Here's the result I'm getting: 

What I would like it to do:

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  • mappermandan
    Accepted Answer
    Try exporting point data into 20 year old MapInfo and using 20 year old Vertical Mapper and use smoothing algorithms like Inverse Distance Weighted (IDW) or Nearest Neighbor (NN) to get the smoothed result you desire.  I heard a rumor that GM was going to include these algorithms plus Kriging in a future release.  It would be nice to have them now.  Until then, I'll continue to use GM together with MapInfo and Vertical Mapper until they catch up with what MapInfo was doing decades ago.


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