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Global Mapper 20.1 Assignment of two different elevations to line data defined by two nodes

In Global Mappe 20.1 I have 2 elevation grids which I am attempting to use to assign the elevation of grid 1 to node 1 of a line layer and elevation of grid 2 to node 2 of the line layer.  When I select node 1 and assign elevation from grid 1, both node 1 and node 2 inherit the elevation from grid 1.  I can split the line and treat the nodes as points to assign different elevations and then export the points and parse back together in a text file, however this is a lot of extra work for a task that would seem simple.  I also struggle to copy the "elevation" to a new attribute name for each line.  Does anyone have experience accomplishing this task using fewer steps?


  • Hi There. What I do is CROP the uppermost grid to a polygon that cuts through the various lines that I'm working on and then using VERTEX EDITING command apply elevation from Grid 1 to Vertex 1 and elevation from Grid 2 to Vertex 2 and so on. Simple and effective.
    See attached screen grab with Cropped Grid 1 shaded in Grey and underlying grid 2 shaded  in green with line crossing boundary between both grids. 
  • P.S. Once you are done editing your lines don't forget to "un-crop" your uppermost grid!
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