Creating a single point from selected line(s) at center

GriffonGriffon Global Mapper UserPosts: 28Trusted User
For labeling purposes, I need to create points at the center (average position or better yet linear center) of each line, rather than at endpoints, vertices, or evenly spaced along the line.

This need is mainly because I can't label the line segments themselves without having rotated text, which I don't want.

I'm using GM 14.2, thanks!


  • GriffonGriffon Global Mapper User Posts: 28Trusted User
    By the way, using Advanced Feature Creation Options, I can create a single point per selected line at fixed distance from the beginning point, I assume, but since the line lengths are varied I really want them centered.

    (If I try to run Sample Spacing Setup using Sample Distance = 0, I get an error of course. In case it means anything, see the attached image.)

  • coelodontacoelodonta Global Mapper User Posts: 29
    Dude, you really need to upgrade, the fix is in V21

  • sphillipssphillips Posts: 192
    You can create a buffer around the Line Features and then create a centroid from those new Area Features.
  • 946946 Global Mapper User Posts: 151Trusted User
    Or you can use Sample Spacing with a sample count of "3"
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