Drive Google Earth to current location

If I am working in Global Mapper and I want to find the same location in Google Earth (to look at StreetView perhaps), it is a lot of manual searching to identify the same location. It would be nice to have a button in Global Mapper, that when pressed, would take me to the same location in Google Earth instantly.

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  • henniehennie Global Mapper User Posts: 62
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    Select any feature(-s) like and area or a point in Global Mapper with the Edit Tool.
    Go to Menu and Zoom view.
    Choose zoom to Google Earth and select Include selected feature (-s).
    Google Earth should open and show the selected features 


  • csnokecsnoke Posts: 12
  • yianniyianni Global Mapper User Posts: 93Trusted User
    Yes one of the best features of GM.

    and to impress friends and family I have assigned a function key as a shortcut to this. so select the feature, press say F7 and boom!
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