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Reproject epsg3912 map

Hello, thanks for access to the forum.
I have an online tiled map of Slovenia that is described here:
Basically, at zoom lvl 0 whole slovenia is one tile, and map goes to zoom lvl 9.
In Global Mapper I have found option "rectify" layer where it allows to search for projection parameters online but the result is not satisfactory. What'd like to is to use this map in epsg3857 system, where whole world is one tile, so the map when downloaded and projection corrected can be used in oruxmaps or locusmap android apps. 

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.


  • veddycentveddycent Global Mapper User Posts: 69
    Hi Faldbakken,

    To clarify you want to reproject from MGI 1901 / Slovene National Grid to WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator -- Spherical Mercator, Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing, ArcGIS, ESRI?

    There are two ways to do this:

    1 - File -> Batch Convert/Reproject -> Select file type original data -> Select file type desired data (can be same as the original) and project -> Add all files you want to re project (Add Files...) -> Under Projection select Specify Project then select Change and select your desired project (I think you'll want to select Projection: Mercator, Datum: Google Maps)

    2 - Load all your maps into GM with their projection (MGI 1901 / Slovene National Grid) then go to Tools -> Configure -> Projection -> (I think you'll want to select Projection: Mercator, Datum: Google Maps)
    This will re project any data you load into the projection selected in the Configure menu.
    You can now export the imagery the the projection selected in the configure menu.

    Hopefully this is what you was looking for :)
  • Hello veddycent,
    I tried your advices but I'm not getting where I want.
    If you go to this site: on the right you see part of the world in red square. This is my map.
    Maybe I wasn't clear but I have tiled online map where whole slovenia(red square on epsg page) is tile with coordinates 0/0/0.
    In GM I tried to load this map as online source but for projections GM is expecting web mercator wgs84 and is basing tile requests on that scheme. So for whole world it is requesting 0/0/0 tile and in return it gets 0/0/0 tile of my map that is only one portion of the world. So what I would like then when it is loaded to reproject it onto World sphere.

    Hope it makes more sense. :#
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