Plotting multiple NMEA traces as imported files

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I suddenly find myself with a reoccurring need to plot over a dozen or more tracks taken from NMEA-183 data over the same course (base map) under different conditions (all are in canned files by the time I see them, nothing is live).

Reaching for my trusty GP tools to solve this need... Opps, there is a different mindset here. I want to do post run work, but the tool is more targeted the semi-real use and only supports the single file mindset.

Rather then dealing with one 'setup' under the GPS menu and saving each track one by one, is there any way to add the file in a batch mode using the type of import we have for Files --> Open Generic text... or Files --> Open Data File for this type of use?

What I would like to do is import in a batch mode multiple NMEA-183 files, and have each trace named or placed on a layer for further tinkering. If the button in GPS Setup --> Setup... --> Read From File (NMEA only) could be more like the file/open choices that would do it for this need.


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    There isn't currently a way to run multiple of them at a time, but I'll add it to the todo list.


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    Mike, I am back on this problem now (the need to plot multiple traces each in their own format, perhaps in NMEA, perhaps in other formats, but all file in the set in the same format).  Has these been any development on this?  I am sure that todo list has grown even longer as your new features make us all demand even more of you and GM, and this is by no means urgent.  But if it got addressed and I missed it, please let me know.
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    Mike and others

    I would like to raise this topic again and see how to best proceed.  Our firm makes NTRIP Casters, basically these are server devices that send RTCM GNSS corrections from Base Stations to user devices in the field so they can hold centimeter positional accuracy.  The user devices often send back NMEA $GGA which is used to determine the data they will need. The Caster operator often want to plot this to see where the users are so we provide a simple Google map window to do a few things like that as a background thread.  But folks now want to be able to feed all the NMEA $GGA sentences for perhaps hundreds of live devices to a 3rd part tool for display .  So of course we turn to Global Mapper as the solution of choice to solve this. 

    The root question I have is to learn if there is any preferred way one might bundle up multiple sources of the NMEA $GGA that would allow them to be striped out and associated with a given user/sender.   Internally we have talked that we might just use a CSV style formatted with the users name, the source IP, then the $GGA sentence for each entry.  But perhaps there is a better way or better yet a preferred way the GM would want such data? 

    And it is likely that we will just put this data out on a known port so other parties can get it as a stream and pipe it into GM or other tools. 

    Any architectural advice on how to fit this into GM is most welcome.

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