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Vertical Options - Water Display

Hi Guys,

I do a lot of hydrological/flood studies and find that the Water Display tool is so simple and so brilliant!

However, currently the water or inundated area "sits" on top of elevation data e.g. elevation grid, tif etc. so if you have aerial imagery on top of the elevation data you have to make it transparent in order to "see" the water.

Is there any chance that you could make the water display on top of aerial imagery, either by making it a separate layer that can be controlled via the Overlay Control Centre or by perhaps using a "tick box" in the Vertical Options menu that places the Water Display on top of everything else?




  • Mykle
    Mykle Global Mapper User Trusted User
    You should be able to use the OCC to drag your water layer "after" / "below" your imagery layer, then set the water layer to transparent (overlay with combined visibility).  I don't think you will need to export the water layer as an image, then import that and set to transparent. 
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