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Support for C-Map CM93 ed2 & 3 charts?

marky9074 Global Mapper User

Hi there,

I see that there is support for S57 & S63 electronic navigation charts, but what about the frequently used C-MAP CM93 format? The version 2 format has been around for ages, and a format description can be found here:

Version 3 is encrypted, but presumably could be made to work (the same as S63)

Look forward to some discussion on this.




  • bmg_mike
    bmg_mike Global Mapper Guru Moderator, Trusted User

    I'm not sure how this post slipped by, but I've added an internal todo item #17420 for the C-MAP C93 format.

    The link you provided describes the file/folder layout of the files, but not the internal data layout of the files. It looks like the OpenCPN library may be able to help us with the un-encrypted v2 files. I doubt the encrypted files will be loadable. For S-63 we had to be approved as a hardware vendor to be able to decrypt the files. Typically encryption is not something you can reverse engineer.

    Do you have any sample files we could add to our todo item?


    Global Mapper Guru
  • marky9074
    marky9074 Global Mapper User
    Hi Mike,

    Did I ever send you some sample files? I note that OpenCPN now have and oeSENC Charts which seems to be repackaged S-67. Doing more digging at Chartworld and they also have their version 'directENC' which again seems to be re-packaged S-67:

    'a format (SENC) which makes handling and loading charts much easier. Please contact the navigation system manufacturer or ChartWorld to have confirmed that such format is supported'

    One of the main concerns for me (being a USB dongle user), is how the licensing is handled if I purchased a specific set of S-67 charts? Would I lose the charts when moving to a new workstation (which I do regularly)? Also, the chart provider equivalent (for example directENC) offer charts at a far reduced rate, and this would be much preferable to paying for S-67 charts 'usable for navigation'...


  • marky9074
    marky9074 Global Mapper User
    I mean S-63 charts obviously :D why is there no post edit function...... :o
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