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WAsP Map Creation Problem


I would like to create a WAsP elevation+roughness map and I need help urgently. 

These are the steps I did: 

1) Download Data ASTER GDEM v2
2) Download Data Land Cover Corine 2006
3) Analysis-Create Contours
4) Create Elevation Grid
5) Open Control Center-Right Click to Land Cover Corine 2006- Create ROUGHNESS 
6) Export-WAsP

First problem: It takes 24 hours to complete a map. 
Second problem: The map on WAsP seems with many unneccessary lines. (Because of roughness) 

Can you please tell me the steps I should do. 



  • Hi, is there anyone can help me :/ 
  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    If you are not getting a timely response here on the forum, I recommend that you send a description of your workflow, results, and sample data to Blue Marble Geographics Support (  This will ensure that the support team knows about the problem, and will expedite a solution.  Thank you.

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