Global Mapper v15 64bit Installation File

veddycentveddycent Global Mapper UserPosts: 62

I'm hoping someone can help. My HDD failed the other week so after replacing it and reinstalling everything. I realised that I don't have the installation file for Global Mapper v15 64bit.

I have emailed Global Mapper Orders ( and they keep telling me that they do not support older versions, cannot provide me with an installation file and that I should upgrade.

The thing is I only use Global Mapper to export terrains as DXF's so upgrading the software will bring no benefit as I don't use any other features, but will cost me money.

I am absolutely astounded that they do not keep older installations files.

Is there any kind person out there who has this installation file and can send me a copy, please?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  • geomanniegeomannie Global Mapper User Posts: 208
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    If you have a valid licence file I can help. Please send me a personal message.


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