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Export SVG to Inkscape

Landsker Global Mapper User
I am attempting to export maps as SVG to complete them off as drawings in Inkscape.  Sometimes it works very well and other times not.  The problem seems to lie in Inkscape which often crashes immediately.  Is there a way I can minimise this while in GM.  
I have tried using PDF export, but like the svg approach to things.  I'm using GM16.



  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    Can you get information from the Inkscape developers about why it is crashing when it tries to read the SVG file?
  • Landsker
    Landsker Global Mapper User
    I think the answer lies in importing the SVG into Inkscape, rather than opening it.  I'm also working on having a file saved as something rather than a fresh file.  More experience may help in defining whether this works in all cases.

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