Length of Text in dbf table

RobertRRobertR GlobalMapper Fan!Posts: 285Trusted User
Hello all,

I would really benefit if you could raise the limit of characters allowed in one filed.
I am creating a field via the Scripting environment where I am concatenating information and my text is getting trimmed at some point because of its length ( I think);

Please let me know if something could be done to allow a field to contain as many info as needed. 


  • RobertRRobertR GlobalMapper Fan! Posts: 285Trusted User
    Any thoughts?
  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,141
    How long is the truncated text in your output DBF?  The standard text field in a DBF has a  fixed data length of 255 characters, I think.  Are you exporting a DBF file directly, or is it a DBF associated with a shapefile?  
  • RobertRRobertR GlobalMapper Fan! Posts: 285Trusted User
    The length is 255. I am exporting one associated with a shape file.
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