Shapefile Manipulation for Water Model

Hey I am working on a water model for a client and I received all of the water lines in their system as a shapefile. I broke apart the water line segments at each intersection and created point features out of the intersections.

1. Is there a batch way to create point features for the end points of the lines?
2. Is there a quick way to name all of the points and point features? It can be generic like P1, P2...
3. I need to associate the lines with the beginning and ending point features, can I add this to the attribute table?
4. I also need to be able to export all of the intermediate vertices for each line, how can I do this?

I am working with EPANET and the input for the program is archaic. I'm trying to preserve all of the pipe diameter and material attribute throughout this process to save me ALOT of time from hand typing it all in.

Any help is appreciated!


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    1. To create point features for the end points of the lines, use the Digitizer. Select all of the lines, right-click, and choose Advanced Feature Creation Options->Create Point Features Spaced Along Selected Feature(s). On the resulting Setup dialog, choose the option "Sample Features at Endpoints Only". This will create a point feature at the end point for each line.
    2. You can use the Calculate/Copy Attributes for Feature Selection function in the Digitizer for this. See the Help under Using the Digitizer -> Editing Existing Features -> Attribute/Style Functions. Note that you will want to assign values to the "Feature Name" attribute, and the Source Attribute should be "Index in Layer". If you also choose "Use Fixed Value", you can add a "P" to the name in addition to the index.
    3. You can use the Digitizer's Attribute/Style Functions -> Copy Attributes Between Overlapping/Nearby Features menu item to copy attributes from your lines to the points.
    4. You need to create point features for each vertex, then export the point layer. Select your lines, then use Advanced Feature Creation Options->Create New Points from Selected Area and Line Features.
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    Thank you so much.
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