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Basic question-how to delineate area to generate elevational mesh

Blooper Global Mapper User
edited July 2015 in How I use Global Mapper
I've just started using Global Mapper 15 and needed a pointer. I'm trying to generate terrain meshes from a wide area, I'm using SRTM Worldwide Elevation Data and have loaded it up fine but my initial mesh was 400mb which is too big for me to import easily to 3Ds Max. Problem is, when I draw a selection box or zoom into an area it always outputs a mesh that's 400mb in size. I can't seem to select a smaller area to export, can anyone explain how I go about doing this?

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  • PhilRatcliffe
    PhilRatcliffe Global Mapper User
    Accepted Answer
    Make your selection box (polygon) active by selecting it with digitizer tool, then select options on your SRTM layer, select cropping tab & "crop to currently selected polygon". Hope that helps, cheers Phil


  • Blooper
    Blooper Global Mapper User
    I imagined this was a fairly basic feature, being able to delineate an area of terrain mesh, can no one help me here?
  • Blooper
    Blooper Global Mapper User
    Excellent, thanks very much I'd never have got there by trial and error!
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