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    ok Mike, the GM is grow up more and more in here, I think I am one of the GM users the most activelly and I commend and bring several GM users , but because of something, another softwares can be used , forexemple moving,shrinking,enlarging,changing color.....of north arrow,scale ,map legend ,dynamic text,image,objects smilar to insert tool in arcmap. another point; bar,pie...charts maps. if options above added in the near future,GM will be main software of gis, may be we would like so much ,and I see you development day by day and your effort,working but desktop gis softwares begin to resemble each other.

    are adding new options,growing software related to price of gm?
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    Yes we plan to add all kinds of stuff related to that, in addition to more charting and 3D enhancements. There are about 10 pages of new updates in the v15.1 release coming out in a week or two, but of course the changes hit all kinds of different areas. We tend to advance a little bit in a large number of areas rather than having big advances focused just on one area (well except for Lidar which should continue jumping forward).


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  • energyenergy Global Mapper User Posts: 384Trusted User
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    in spite we dont use lidar,coast or remote sensing...You are right , GM is most friendly and practical gis software,I am glad to using,but as a gm user, I remind/suggest while you are focusing different sectors like lidar, would not forget to advance main ability of gis(discussed things above) if the GM's price will go up because of advancing more,that may be...
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    I miss the ability to work with .JXL files. Survey Trimble GPS files with information about the survey. Is this in your to-do list?
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    Yes, this is item #15132 in our task list.


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