Converting a "world projection E and N value to lat/lon

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A client has sent me a csv.file that has some 200 points in it, in columns, Point Name, Easting , Northing.
However the values for Easting are 328172717 and N, 1372384048. These bear no relation to our Aussie UTM Zone 56 H. I am wondering if they have been created in CAD programme, and it has assumed some local start point.

Is there such a thing as a world file that covers the globe ?



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    Hi Brian,

    Did you get a world file with the .csv? The most common world file type is associated with raster data, but I believe there is another type that provides an affine reference to show the CAD file in Arc. However, with a .csv, you should not need a world file to import it into Global Mapper...I would confirm the native coordinate system with your client.


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    Looking at the coordinates I wonder if they are stored in whole millimeters or centimeters rather than decimal meters? If you divide the values by 100 or 1000 do they look more like the expected UTM values? If so you can specify a Point Offset/Scale on import to scale the X and Y or just set up the projection to be based on centimeters or millimeters.


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    Thanks for your responses.
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