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Classify LIDAR points

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Hello GM team.

Are you guys working in new ways to manually classify LIDAR data. So far Im happy with GM 15 but I find the LIDAR module too simple so far.

Im working with a LAS file of a town and I need to classify all the points. Ground, Vegetation (high, mid, low). So far what I'm doing is drawing polygons around a house (for example) and selecting all the points within the polygon and classify them as buildings.

Is there a way, to automatically classify points as buildings based on the RGB attributes of each point? Or a way that I select a group of points and a base height. All points above that base height classify them as X. Something like that.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks in advance.


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    We are planning on adding more automatic classification routines, but you might find that classifying using the path profile tool is helpful since you get a side profile. With the Lidar module active draw a path through the data with the path profile tool, then you can select Lidar points and classify them there. Also use hot keys of the class number (like 2 for ground, 8 for building, etc.) to quickly classify some. You can change the corridor width for the path profile on the Path Options menu on the profile dialog.


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