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Simulate water level rise/flooding

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Hi Mike, the "Simulate water level rise/flooding" feature used to let me simulate a water surface between elevation 135 and 140 if the set up shown in the attached image is used. However, this feature does not to simulate water surface like it used to any more. The current simulation will always result in a water surface covering from 0 to 140, regardless what elevation is used in the "increase from elevation" box. When I look closely at the "increase from elevation" option in the "Water Rise Calculation Setup" window, I now see the less-than-and-equal sign '<=', which means the water level will start from 0 to 140. How do I simulate a water level between 135 and 140?

I don't like my current workaround by first (open the "Overlay Control Centre" then "Options" then alter the elevation values to limit "minimum valid elevation"), then ("simulate water level rise/flooding") because I have to remember the data minimum valid elevation value and re-enter it after the water level simulation is done.




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    It was changed because the fixed level rise was typically used for sea level and those data sets so if you wanted to rise from a data set with bathymetry so you didn't necessarily have the ocean at 0 it wouldn't work everywhere because there weren't samples at that elevation.

    Do you have an area feature for your region that you want to raise up? Or do you have a flattened region that is exactly at 135 so it would have worked before (i.e. 134.9 would not have been checked before, only exactly 135). To check the water rise from a lake it is better to start with an area feature at the 135 level, then select that and choose to rise from the selected areas rather than a fixed level which is better for sea level rise.


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    Hi Mike, your suggestion works well for me and I will use it going forward. Thanks.
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    Hi all,
    Could you help me. What an interpolation method is used while rising a water level over DEM? And why in some places an accuracy of heights measurements is achieved 0,001 meters? It`s strange that a border of flooding changes so significantly while increasing the water level even on 1 cm though a DEM cell size is just about 5 meters. Thanks.
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