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Hello Mike,

I've tried to set up a custom epsg code in the epsg_codes.txt file.
The epsg code 3912 is used by a slovenian wms server:
Javne kartografske storitve WMS, Free public Wep Map Service

I guess the projection ist the same as Gauss Krueger Slovenia/D-48 SLOVENIA. (The calibration looks fine.)
Here is my epsg definition:
[FONT=Century Gothic][FONT=Century Gothic]3912,Transverse Mercator,D48-SLOVENIA,meters,SCALE FACTOR=0.9999,CENTRAL MERIDIAN=15,ORIGIN LATITUDE=0,FALSE EASTING (m)=500000,FALSE NORTHING (m)=-5000000,ROTATION ANGLE (ABOUT ORIGIN)=0[/FONT]

When I try to set the projection using "Init from EPSG..." I get the error message "Unable to determine projection or datum from EPSG code".
What I've done wrong here?



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