Importing large OSM file into GM

minjinminjin Global Mapper UserPosts: 5
edited March 2013 in Vector Data
I am using the Global Mapper 14 64bit
(unregistrated) to import OSM file.
The OSM file is Japan country file, it's very
large file (around 19G)
Even though my computer has large ram
available (20G) and CPU is also quite good, the
OSM file cannot be imported.

The purpose of importing this file is to
cut and export some part of Japan by using GM
program (Of course after buying the license).
But I wonder if GM is possibly import those
large OSM file and handle it in the program.

If it's problem of my computer itself, not the
program (if program surely import those size
of file), I would like to upgrade more. (But I
think it should be enough) Or if you have any better idea, please let me
Any comments are appreciated!!


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