Failure to read some GeoTiff variant (GM 13 & 14)

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edited October 2012 in Bug Report

Global Mapper v13 or v14 is unable to open GeoTiff files with 2 bands (8 bit palette + 8 bit alpha) when interleaved by band instead of pixel. The error message is: Unable to load overlay / Sorry, can not handle image / TIFFOverlay.cpp - 126.

For testing purposes, 4 small GeoTiff files illustrating the issue (670KB zip archive)

FYI, this flavour of Geotiff proves useful to store paletted imagery with transparency layer while achieving optimal deflate compression. These files were generated by GDAL 1.9 and open flawlessly in other applications e.g. PhotoShop CS6.

Thanks in advance for the support :)


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