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Hi all,

I have a GeoPDF I need to extract a boundary area from. The boundary is on a seperate layer in the PDF, and thus I'm assuming should somehow be able to be extracted and converted to a vector format. Is there any functionality in GM v13 to do this?? The alternative is just digitizing a boundary over top of the PDF in Global Mapper, but this method will lose the precision of the original. Any tips?




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    There isn't currently any way to extract vector features from a GeoPDF in Global Mapper. While you can load the PDF with just that layer displayed, it still comes in as just a rendered image and doesn't have any vector features, so digitizing that line would be the best you could do if you can't get the data in a different format, like Shapefile.


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    Thanks Mike. Unfortunate, but good to know. I will find a work-around.

    Thanks for the help as always.
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