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Import point + specify point type based on attribute

Vincent Global Mapper UserTrusted User
edited October 2012 in GM Script Language
Dear Mike,
I want to import XYZ + C files where XY are the position / Z the elevation and C an additionnal attribute for the class (2 / 100 / or 105).
Depending on this attribute, I want to associate a specific point type to each point scanned.
Don't find how to do that with the Import_ASCII command ?
LOAD_TYPE_FILTER could not work in such a context ?
When I open an xyzc file in GM, I can change the display options using the Vector-options / Point Styles / Apply Styling Based on Attribute/Name Values option but didn't find how to create a point style with drawing options based on attributes ?
With the Configuration / Point Styles layout I can create a new point type but it is not possible to associate different symbols based on the point attributes, only one symbol can be used.
Best regards



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