Export of 16-bit images to geotiff appear to always be nearest neighbor resampled

dec945dec945 Global Mapper UserPosts: 3
edited January 2012 in Bug Report
I’m using 64-bit GM 11.02 build 10/24/2011 to re-project 16-bit/4-band geotiffs from utm z12 to utm z13. Changing the raster options in control center between nearest neighbor, bilinear and bicubic has an obvious effect on the display but the exported files all look to be nearest neighbor resampled. The input and output resolutions were set the same. Export of 16-bit/3-band images also appear to be nearest neighbor resampled. 3 and 4 band 8-bit images are resampled correctly. Export of the same 16-bit images to either BIL or NTIF were also resampled correctly.


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