Sorting Generated Contour Lines by Length

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I often extract a single elevation contour line, and then want to delete all the smaller, less significant sections, often to get a shoreline from LiDAR. The way I've been doing it is to update the length attribute of the contour lines, open the search window, sort by length, and go through and delete the lines that are shorter than I'm interested in. The problem is that lengths switch from m to km as the lengths get longer so 10.23m is next to 10.23km in the search window. With the number of lines I'm viewing it becomes a time consuming problem. Is there a way to sort the lines based on absolute lengths? Thanks for your help.



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    Yes, what you want to do is select the Measure Tool and then right-click and select the option to always use base measure units, then add the measure attributes to the features. They should all then have base units, like meters or feet, and be easily sortable.

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    Great! I figured there was a way to do it easily. Thanks.

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