Selecting polygons based on a list of attribute values

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Errr... is there a way to search for multiple values that are non-contiguous?

For example, I have a region that's covered in a bajillion hexagons, each is numbered. I have a list of numbers that correspond to hexagons in the region that I have to select, copy and put in another project, but I can't use the less-than, greater-than or such because these values are nearly random. The "search by attribute" dialog doesn't let me give a comma seperated range of values, seems to work on only one value at a time. Or, would there be a way to script this?


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    While there is not currently a way to match against a list of values while searching, you could use a script with a series of ASSIGN_TYPE commands to assign the features matching the list to some particular type in Global Mapper, then you could easily filter on that type. You could just have a separate ASSIGN_TYPE command in the script for each value to match on, with each command assigning to the same area type. You could then just run your script to update the loaded data so the features matching the listed values are all classified as one type.

    See for details.

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