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I need to reproject orthoimagery from mt. stateplane nad83, meters to lat/long wgs 84 and export as a geotiff. I am looking at getting global mapper but want to be sure it will meet my needs. The export from global mapper will need to be warped which global mapper does but also the lat/long grid lines need to be horizontal and vertical. The program I am exporting to must have the grid lines horizontal and vertical and the image rotated otherwise it will not accurately display internal coordinates. I can change scale to eliminate lat/long distortion but the reprojection, warp and rotation are all needed. Is global mapper the solution?


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    Absolutely, if you reproject anything to lat/lon then lat/long grid lines should be straight and parallel to the X and Y image axes. Global Mapper will automatically warp the image to go from the source projection to the selected export projection. You can see the results in the trial prior to exporting by just loading your source image, then changing the view/export projection on the Projection tab of the Configuration dialog to the desired output one.

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