Raster export with antialised vector overlays

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Hi all,

I don't think such a feature exists...

When exporting to a raster image, is it possible to have the rasterised vector overlays antialiased?

Basically I have a GeoTIFF map which provides a backdrop for my data set. On top of this I have vector data depicting roads, rail, rivers, etc. On export to a raster image, the vector representations appear to have jagged edges and it would be great if there was an option to antialias the vector output.

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    There is not currently any support for anti-aliased vector rendering in Global Mapper.


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    But you can export to raster twice.

    The first time, export just the vector data, with the raster data loaded but not visible, and make the target resolution the same as that of the finest raster data (this will be offered as the default)*. Now hide or unload the original vectors layers, make the original raster data visible, and load in the newly rasterized vector layers. You can now turn antialiasing on for those rasterized layers, and export everything to raster again.

    *For finer antialiasing, you can also make the initial export at a higher resolution, so that the rasterized vectors are resampled down during the second export. (This will be more promising when we have bicubic subsampling rather than just bilinear.)
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    @Mike - thanks for the clarification.

    @tjhb - thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try!
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