Vector export to KMZ with attributes

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When exporting Vector to KML/KMZ I chose the following option:
Feature Descriptions > Feature Descriptions, Links and Attribute Values

This generates a file that is unable to be read - it produces an error identifying line 138 , column 154. What data entry value(s) would cause this problem? ... assuming that the first 137 entries are correct...

The error does not occur when I choose:
Feature Descriptions > Feature Description and Links Only.

GM 11.01



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    Can you send me the KML/KMZ file that was generated? There must be something on line 138 of the KML file that is bad that GM isn't handling right.


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  • timhomantimhoman Global Mapper User Posts: 49Trusted User
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    I found the problem within the tab-delimited file that was being generated as input for the creation of the KML/KMZ file... it was some special character that was generating the error. In fact, the error occurred for each entry containing that character. I did a search-and-delete on the file and the results were successful. The source of the character was limited to one or more of the text attributes associated with many of the 10,000 record entries.

    I would have replied sooner, but for some reason my own forum posts do not show up in my email alerts...

    Thanks for your assistance - Global Mapper rocks!
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