Displaying a sparse data set as elevations

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Hello again;

Probably I am just missing something about the jargon of mapping, but I'm continuously unable to do this thing I was hoping to do.

I have a relatively sparse data set , approximately 1000 data geo-referenced data points spread across the USA.

My goal is to treat an integer parameter of each data point as elevation, and use the fine visualization tools of Gm to make a gradient color plot. The range of the interesting parameter is 0-200.

I am importing the generic ascii files as point features, which I assume is part of the problem of displaying the 3rd parameter as elevation.

Is my goal reasonable, or incompatible with GM functionalities?

I'm already using that parameter range to make different colored dots, but I was hoping to get that gradient thing going at the same time.



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    You can easily do what you are after. If you load as ASCII and the "elevation" parameter is the 3rd one, just make sure to check the option that the 3rd parameter is elevation on importing. If the elevation is elsewhere, you can always select what attribute to treat as the elevation after import by opening the Control Center, selecting the layer, pressing Options, then selecting the appropriate elevation attribute.

    Once an elevation is assigned, you can generate a shaded elevation grid from the layer data by right-clicking on it in the Control Center and selecting the option to generate an elevation grid.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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