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This is a bit on the outside of GlobalMapper - however I ask the question here anyway.

Many times you want to show of a set of data (vector and raster) to a customer over the internet. Instead of sending him the 40GB of TIFF data and 2 GB of vector-data you can ofcourse create a web server serving the content (like ArcGIS Server, MapServer, GDAL (?) and others) - however it would be nice to be able to do the following:
1. Create a GlobalMapper workspace with the files you want locally. Then share this "view" with a user through some remote desktop functionality. I can think of some ways to do this:
1 - Create a webserver and add all the data, that will take alot of time to generate the overviews etc
2 - "Share" the current GlobalMapper view with some kind if videostream to the remote user. This will not make the remote user able to zoom-pan etc.
3 - This is the "best" solution I would suggest: Add an option within GlobalMapper that says: "Share current workspace by e-mail" which sends an e-mail with a link/code to the remote user. The remote user can then open the link in a browser or a stand-alone "mini version" of GlobalMapper and be able to view the same workspace as the local user, but also be able to control the PAN - ZOOM - LAYER ON/OFF (ie a simple viewer) to see the dataset. Perhaps this is a suggestion for a new App based on the GlobalMapper SDK or a possible to implement this into GlobalMapper itself?

Feel free to add ideas for improvements and suggestions to this thread and pitfalls that might make this impossible to do.

UPDATE: UltraVNC ( seems to be a solution for this - however it does work with everything and not just GlobalMapper specifically - there would be an advantage of letting the remote user control only the "GlobalMapper functions"


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    It seems like this would be better controlled with existing tools, like Remote Desktop (although it allows full control) or something like GoToMeeting, where you can just share your desktop. There are lots of 3rd party options for doing this kind of thing.


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