Better symbolizing of vector features

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This is a request for some future version..

I recently was trying to work some vector data, keep in mind I come from an ESRI background as many of us do...

I found myself having a hard time trying to get things symbolized the way I wanted. This includes labels, etc. Basically, it seems I should be able to click or right-click on the layer in the control center, and modify the display or symbology based on whatever it is. I'd divide it up by line type (solid, dashed, or even solid with a border), and color. I'd like to be able to do different symbols based on attributes, or even multiple attributes. It seems that labeling could be done in a similar fashion.

I did end up getting what I needed done, but it seemed a little cumbersome.

An ability to upload your own symbols from a font file would be cool too.



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    There are several ways to assign styles in Global Mapper. You can first assign default area, line, and point types for unclassified features in a layer from the Options dialog for the layer in the Control Center. You can configure the default drawing style for the various types (and add your own types) on the Styles tabs of the Configuration dialog.

    Beyond this, you can edit features one or more at a time either using the Digitizer Tool or by searching by attributes under the search menu. More advanced automated attribute-based type assignment is available using the ASSIGN_TYPE script command.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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