Apply colors to vector shapes based on attribute value

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First - excellent tool, this is powerful stuff!

I have a shapefile with polygons that represent a dozen or so different types of areas. I'd like to customize how each of these types displays before exporting as a tile layer. How would I do this? I see that I can change the appearance of every polygon in the layer, but I would like more control.

The closest I could find is exporting the shapefile to a shapefile, selecting the option to split into separate files, except I can't seem to define what metadata property to split on. I figure if I can split it into separate shapefiles, I can then configure at the layer level, since I see how to do that. However, if there is an easier way to set colors based on an attribute value, I am open to anything.



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    There are a couple of things you can do. I would first suggest using the Search->Search by Attributes menu command to find features matching your desired attribution, then edit the search results and change the display style. Another option if you have to do this a lot is to use the ASSIGN_TYPE script command to assign feature types based on types from a script. Finally, you can use the Digitizer Tool to directly select and edit individual or groups of features and change their draw style.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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