BSB Nautical Charts and Collar Cropping

msperlinmsperlin Global Mapper UserPosts: 13
I imported 3 BSB charts (.kap) that I want to Mosaic. I added the 3 charts as seperate raster files, and used the "Automatically Crop Collars" option with success. The 3 Charts are 18727, 18728, and 18729 (Channel Islands, California).

When I load the same 3 BSBs into a GM Catalog, and use the Modify Display of Rasters, with the Auto Crop option, the cropping is incorrect when displaying the GM Catalog.

It appears to be a bug. I'm trying to import hundreds of files, and would like to use the GM catalog.

I can send you the .kap files. Do you need any of the supporting files included with BSB?


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