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Is there a way to select or even delete vertices within a certain distance of other vertices, like merge vertices in 3DS MAX or CAD? I have gridded point data below points generated from lines and I want to cleanup the triangulated result of combining the two. In other words I want to keep my points from the lines and eliminate the gridded points that are overlapped or very close causing messy triangulation of the points.



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    While there isn't anything exactly like that, there are a couple of options you could use that might do what you want. If you select the lines and then right-click and choose the Move/Reshape sub-menu command to Simplify the lines you can remove vertices that don't contribute significantly to the shape of the lines. There is also an option under that same sub-menu to Resample the lines. You could use that to resample them at some fixed distance, and thus get rid of closely spaced vertices. I would recommend the Simplify option probably though.


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