ECW 500MB limit

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Hi Mike

I'm getting this error:

ECW files are limited to 500 MB uncompressed size in Global Mapper. Please select a smaller portion of the loaded data to export, specify a larger sample spacing, or grid the data into smaller pieces.
ECWOverlay.cpp - 1711
Version: v14.1.6 (32-bit)
Build Time: Apr 15 2013 13:35:40

Any chance this could be updated? Or is there a way round this? I believe this was updated in the desktop app in version 9.



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    You must be authorized to export unlimited-size ECW files from ERMapper/Leica/Intergraph (whoever owns that darn SDK now-a-days). If you are, you can add the following call to your application startup to enable exporting large ECW files:

    GM_SetMiscOption( GM_MiscOpt_AllowUnlimitedECWExportSize, 1 );


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  • nickgoodliffnickgoodliff Global Mapper User Posts: 45Trusted User
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    Perfect, thanks Mike.
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