max slope values?

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Hi, I've downloaded some elevation/slope data from line segments to a csv file, and I'm wondering what the numbers in brackets mean in the slope columns, for instance:

14.44° [25.75%]

Also, is there a way to determine what the total length is of the max and min values for slope data? For example, to be able to determine that the section of the line which has the max slope is 500 meters long?

Thanks for your help, and for a great product.


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    The slope is reported both in degrees of slope (0-90 degrees) and percent slope. The value in brackets is the percent.

    If you first use the Digitizer Tool to split your selected line into separate line features for each segment you can then select all of those and add the elevation/slope stats, then search on the lines with the Search button on the toolbar and find the one with the min and max slope and see how long it is. Since each segment is its own line you can have a better idea how long the steep part is. If you want even more resolution you can first resample the line to have vertices very closely spaced together, then break that up into separate lines for each segment.


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