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I have just got some test Lidar data from the Denver, CO area and want to visualize it in 3D with the imagery that's been supplied. The jpg files do not have any projection info but as they are not aerial but on a vertical plane, how do I get the files to display with the point cloud?

In the root folder that are .iprj/lst/cal files

I have attached some samples. These seem to relate to the calibration of each camera in the set up but I can't see how to relate the las files to these so that they display appropriately.

The las header is
NAD83, GRS80, NAD83 / Colorado Central, G12AUS.gdf

I am using GM14.1 registered.


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    Typically the software with the terrestrial scanner would apply the colors directly to the Lidar points. While Global Mapper can apply top-down imagery to raw Lidar points, there isn't any support for applying oriented images taken directly from a terrestrial scanner to the Lidar points. If the LAS files already have the colors applied then Global Mapper will display those just fine.

    You might check with the scanner manufacturer to make sure there isn't just some option somewhere to apply those automatically to the LAS files.


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