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I have created several line styles, and sometimes I modified them.

I would like to know where does Global Mapper save this information just to copy it to another computer.

Thanks and best regards from Spain.


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    The style definition for custom line types is stored in the Settings file folder which you can view and set on the Help->About dialog. If you change the line style for a built-in type that is saved in the Windows registry in the folder 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GlobalMapper\LineStyles'. You could export that entire folder to a .reg file and import on another computer to move it, but a better way is to right-click on the list of line types in the Configuration dialog and select to save the styles to a file. You can then load the style file on the other computer to copy the styles over.


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    Thank you very much, Mike. I really appreciate your answer so quick and efficient.

    Best regards.
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