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Hi Mike,
I had a strange problem trying to run our own software which relies on GlobalMapper SDK 13.1.
The problem was crashing at launch time, and using the depends tool from Microsoft we discovered that the globalmapperinterface dll was linking with the provided MFC libraries, but a system installed gdiplus library, which was more recent.
I thought Microsoft manifest/assembly bright idea was supposed to handle this and insure that the GlobalMapper dll was running with provided libraries only (I don't really know how this works)???

Of course, I could run our software by installing Visual 2008 redistribuable files, and depends tool confirmed that only system libraries were used, instead of the delivered ones.

Is that a correct behaviour ?


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    The manifest stuff should make sure that the proper version of newer libraries is used. I'm not sure if the original gdiplus.dll had a manifest though, or at least from what I can find it seems the newer gdiplus.dll files support version redirection so that the latest version can be used even though we built against an older version.

    Are you certain that gdiplus.dll is the cause of the issues? There is only very limited use of gdiplus.dll in Global Mapper so that library was likely never hit anyway.


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